Monday, April 8, 2013

Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma Hold Hands

Last night, Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung were in Sheung Wan's Bridges Street doing location filming for "The Hippocratic Crush II". The storyline was about Cheung Yat Kin holding on to his wife, Yue Jai, while crossing the street, and then getting into a car. The two walked at night with their fingers clenched together, even looking at flats while dating. Before Tavia got out of the car, she patted her hip bone. She had to express wanting to cry and a miserable mood on her face. This married couple in the series performed naturally, and filming went very smoothly. When the director told them to get into their positions, Kenneth looked at Tavia affectionately.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mandy Lieu Gives Kiss, Kenneth Ma Becomes Stiff

Model Mandy Lieu, on her 28th birthday, and 'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma were at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre attending an event for 'FILMART 2013'. Mandy, who was in a good mood, gave Kenneth a kiss on stage, causing Kenneth to 'stiffen up'. He laughingly said, "Today, worth it to not accept a fee!" When returning backstage, Kenneth immediately gave Mandy a birthday kiss in return. Kenneth praised 'Goddess' Mandy as having an outgoing personality and being the best...will privately meet up. Mandy also praised Kenneth as being refined and captivating. When talking about meeting up, Mandy said, "When?"

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Kenneth Ma and other TVB artists promoting The Hippocratic Crush II and Triumphs in the Skies II at FILMART 2013

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kenneth Ma Admits The Cuts In His "The Hippocratic Crush 2" Screen Time

Recently Netizens have been actively discussing the "Uncle Trend" seen in the upcoming TVB series. Housewives like to watch veterans, therefore they are guaranteed to get good ratings. No wonder TVB has been bringing back former artists back to help with their series such as Francis Ng in Triumph in the Skies II, Ada Choi in Beauty At War and even Kenneth Ma's popular series The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 2), TVB got Lawrence Ng to make his comeback in this series. Back then, Lawrence Ng's role Dr. Paul Ching in Healing Hands was highly acclaimed, but this time he intrudes into On Call 2, where the initial lead actor was 'Yat Kin Tau' Kenneth Ma, but he had to cut his screen time to accommodate Lawrence.

39 year old Kenneth Ma has been working at TVB for 14 years and finally takes the lead in last year's popular series The Hippocratic Crush. He left a deep impression on audience based on his portrayal of 'Yat Kin Tau' and became known as the new generation 'god' and 'suen poon' (the best deal). However, once TVB invited Lawrence Ng back, Kenneth has split his screen time with him.

Boost Popularity in Mainland

It was understood, TVB added Lawrence Ng into the cast not just because they wanted to bring a refreshing feeling, but also to borrow Lawrence's popularity in Mainland to help Kenneth get more famous in China. An insider expressed: "Kenneth is climbing up in HK, but not many people know him in Mainland. Since many people still remember Lawrence's Dr. Paul Ching role, TVB thought they could use Lawrence to get more people to know Kenneth outside of HK." In the 25 episode sequel, the screen time is split the whole way. This time Lawrence and Kenneth will have a good opportunity to develop in On Call 2. Lawrence plays an attending physician (or consultant physician), who also suffers from a chronic illness. The ending will be a tearjerker and can 'steal' Kenneth's limelight at any time.

Not As Much Concentration on Kenneth & Tavia

Last Saturday (March 9th), Kenneth was shooting outdoor scenes with Tavia Yeung. The scene was about Tavia feeding him fish balls and they completed the scene in one take. In regards to Lawrence Ng stealing his screen time, Kenneth openly admitted: "This time the screen time isn't as concentrated on us, but it's a good thing because in this sequel, I'm going to be with Tavia Yeung from beginning to end. I don't have any other romantic relationships. Having Lawrence in this series will make it more refreshing. (Are you afraid he'll have more screen time than you?) Nope, the most important is to have more audience liking the much screen time I have is not as important."

Kenneth & Tavia Candidates to become HK Tourism Ambassadors

[Mingpao] In other news: Peter Lam, the founder of Media Asia Entertainment Group, will take over as the chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) next month. Earlier he expressed his personal relationships in the entertainment circle would really be useful in the work of HKTB. In the future, he hopes to invite several HK artist volunteers to help promote HK Tourism. Some of the artists he has in mind are Miriam Yeung, Charlene Choi, Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma.

As the winner of the 'Most Outstanding TV Actress' award, Tavia smiled and said she would choose her on-screen partner Kenneth Ma to be the HK Tourism ambassador with her. She said: "Although I don't really do travel shows, but I usually shoot a lot of TV series, if Kenneth and I could extend our on-screen partnership from TV series to travel shows, then wouldn't that be amazing!" Kenneth agreed with Tavia entirely and is more than willing to be a travel ambassador to help promote HK Tourism.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Natalie Tong Sings Off-Key with Kenneth Ma Around Her; Kenneth Still Gives a "Like"

The 'best deal' Kenneth Ma attends his first event with Natalie Tong as a couple team. They attended electronic store DSC's 15th anniversary event and this is Kenneth's third year as the company's spokesperson. When he appeared, the MC Kitty Yuen grabbed his hand and joked she wanted rumors with him.

Natalie Tong later appeared in a yellow spring low-cut dress. It is rare to see Natalie dress in low-cut outfits. When she performed the song To the Men I Loved, the event organizer made a last minute arrangement for Kenneth to accompany her on stage and dance in the background. Natalie saw Kenneth looking at her with profound feelings, her heart started racing and she couldn't even remember the lyrics to the song. The music had to start again from the beginning. During Natalie's performance, Kenneth circled her, then lightly patted her on the shoulder and took initiative to hold her hand in attempt to help her calm down. However, Natalie felt even more nervous and practically went off-key throughout the entire song. Later during the raffle drawing, the two were often whispering in each other's ears.

After the event, Natalie explained the event organizers played the wrong music, but she admitted she got nervous when Kenneth stared at her. She expressed this is her first time singing in front of an opposite sex. Not even her rumored boyfriend Amigo Chui got that opportunity.

Kenneth was asked how he would score Natalie's singing skills? He said: "High score! I would definitely say her singing is good!" Kenneth admitted he is very pleased with the 'couple team' price. He said: "I don't mind having many rumors, just as long as the reports aren't too over. Advertisers like to hire me and my current rumored girlfriend to do shows together." Natalie immediately squealed: "Such a flirt!" Kenneth explained: "Just trying to make more money!" When asked whether he'll give appliances or electronics when pursuing girls? He laughed: "Nope! Girls today like diamonds! But, lately Natalie's house is going through renovation, this could help." Natalie blurted out, asking him to accompany her to buy electronics and hoped she could be the spokesperson with him.

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TVB siu sang Kenneth Ma, who has been labelled as 'Hot Property', appeared with his new rumoured partner, Natalie Tong, as a couple partnership for the first time, attending a DSC 15th Anniversary event. He has even become the ambassador for the third consecutive year. When he appeared, MC Kitty Yuen even took the opportunity to hold his hand, laughingly saying that she wants to be rumoured with him.

The organizers even found Natalie, who was rumoured with Kenneth earlier, as a guest to sing. Unfortunately, Natalie could not enter the first time, needing to start over again. Afterward, she sang a little bit like reading. Luckily, Kenneth became an accompanying dancer, giving her a flower and graciously holding her hand during the performance, diverting the attention from the awkward scene.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kenneth Ma Teary-eyed When Winning Award, Tavia Yeung Comforts

Tonight, Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung attended the spring dinner for the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers. The two were presented '2012 TV Outstanding Performance Male/Female Artiste', Kenneth said, "Last time, Moses Chan won. Winning this time...partner gets big credit. Even more moved with Tavia winning". Kenneth became teary-eyed while talking...revealing true feelings. Tavia, who was on the side, pulled out a tissue and wiped his tear, causing Kenneth to shyly say, "I'm very sentimental. Sorry. Because, this time, it is voted by the workers behind the scenes...a very big encouragement". After hearing this, Tavia suddenly realized and said, "Really? Didn't know! I am also very touched. 'TV Queen' was voted by the audience. To have the recognition of those behind the scenes is very precious".

FYI: The Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers is comprised of ten different sections of professional film making associations in Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, the Hong Kong Film Arts Association, the Hong Kong Cinematography Lighting Association, the Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals, the Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild, the Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association, the Hong Kong Stuntman Association, the Society of Cinematographers, the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, and the Society of Film Editors.

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Kenneth Ma gets to kiss Myolie Wu, Sleepless for Days

Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma are a couple in the TVB series Season of Love, but because this isn't their first collaboration, they were able to create lots of sparks. Kenneth frankly expressed when the series first started, he asked the producer to add kiss scenes for them and to his surprise, he was successful. Kenneth's wish back in To Grow with Love finally came true without regrets. He finally won Myolie's heart and get to kiss her in the new series Season of Love.

Kenneth laughed and said he still thinks about the kiss even today, it was a memorable one. He expressed there was no pressure when they were shooting the scene and he just carried a dating mentality to do the scene. He said: "The original script didn't have kiss scenes, but when we started shooting, everyone thought adding the kiss would make it a better feel. I was so happy, I couldn't sleep for several days! I was very behaved too, I didn't eat anything with strong flavors prior to the scene."

Sitting next to Kenneth, Myolie laughed loudly at his story. She praised Kenneth is very honest. She said without hesitation its been several years since she worked with Kenneth, but she couldn't believe the Kenneth today turned into a 'god' ("nam sun") in the public eye, she said: "I'm so happy to work with the male god! Our relationship in the series is very sweet. It feels a little bit like Japanese dramas, pretty romantic. (Regain the feeling of being in love?) Sure!"

Myolie's most memorable scene was when Kenneth acted like a statue because they were shooting in hot weather that day and Kenneth had to smear brown color paint on his face and neck, then he ended up letting out 'chocolate sweat'. She said: "If that was in real life, a guy doing that for me, I would feel really touched. (What type of guy are you looking for?) Just like Kenneth, he can be boring too, but he's too powerful now, I can't stand him. It's really going to go in the opposite direction when he's too powerful. Being with you (Kenneth) is like sending a sheep into the tiger territory (idiom). How can that work?!"

Later, Kenneth frankly expressed Myolie is like a goddess to him, but she said: "You know me and you are impossible. It's not because of a boyfriend, it is because its enough we can create sparks at work. You turned to have too unruly behavior, I don't like that!" Kenneth joked: "I just ate a lemon, that's okay! Men should be more generous."

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